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Free Salon booking system and customer register ⎯ What’s the catch?

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How can Book Salon offer a free booking system and customer registry? It’s a question we are asked by entrepreneurs time and time again. Another question raising eyebrows is how it can be possible to add unlimited users for free as well. Since monthly fees of up to several hundred euros are charged for similar services from our rivals, we understand it when people expect there to be a catch.

But there really isn't one, and here’s why:

  • At Book Salon, we want to lower the threshold for all entrepreneurs to try out and introduce a high-quality appointment and checkout system for the specific needs of their industry. (Or only either one if they prefer.)

  • This low threshold serves start-up entrepreneurs who do not want to increase their monthly costs at the beginning of their careers when money is most important.

  • We also want to encourage beauty and wellness entrepreneurs to boldly make the digital leap and switch from a paper calendar to a digital version. Entrepreneurs can introduce digital tools at their own pace alongside pre-existing paper tools.

  • Nowadays online booking is a must, as busy customers want to be able to book when and where they want. In fact, for many these days, calling a salon is simply out of the question.

  • Entrepreneurs can access the Book Salon services independently, free of charge and without obligation directly from our website. There is no need to worry about getting started, as help is there every step of the way through our live chat in real-time.

So how does Book Salon benefit from all this? 

In the long run, we and everyone else will benefit from a thriving hair, beauty and well-being industry. We also feel the need to give back and create something good for professionals. On the other hand, we believe that as businesses thrive, our Book Salon FREE users will want to take on our additional features as well. 

As an entrepreneur's business develops and the need for new features increases, the free service can be upgraded to the Book Salon PRO plan (which includes a payment terminal) at the touch of a button. 

However, we still have clients of over 4 years who are very satisfied with Book Salon FREE. And when users are happy, they recommend us, and for that, we are very grateful.


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