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Combined checkout, payment terminal and online booking ⎯ how Royal Beauty Spa saved over 1000 euros a year by switching to Book Salon

ROYAL BEAUTY SPA is a full-service hair and beauty salon in the center of Lapua, Finland, serviced by 7 entrepreneurs and founded by Salla Priuska in 2013. When the business first started, there were no advanced booking or checkout systems in place. Everything was simply written down by hand. 

Before switching to the Book Salon PRO plan, ROYAL BEAUTY SPA used a competitor's appointment and checkout system. The salon's payment terminals, meanwhile, were supplied by yet another business. For a while the salon even used two payment terminals, which were not integrated with the point of sale software. For card payments, customer bills had to first be typed into the payment terminal and then separately into the checkout system - provided one remembered to do so!

"Even after you get used to it, having the payment terminal separate from the checkout creates numerous problems" Salla says.


Below are a few examples of the challenges posed by a separate payment terminal:

  • Incorrect amounts input into the payment terminal -> part of the customer charge not received at all.

  • Even if the amount was entered correctly at the payment terminal, the wrong payment method might have been entered into the checkout -> checkout reports and the bookkeeping will not match.

  • Incorrectly entered documents can’t always be found, and no one remembers afterwards where the discrepancy might be stemming from -> hours of investigation for both the entrepreneur and rental chairs.

For these reasons, Salla says that she needed to reconcile all documents once a week, every Sunday. This normally took up to two hours a week. That equals 104 hours a year!

“I could sometimes use the Christmas holidays to reconcile mistaken reports or even do them on Mother’s Day,” Salla admits.


ROYAL BEAUTY SPA has now been a Book Salon PRO client for half a year and is very satisfied with the service. Salla says that the decision to switch was particularly influenced by Book Salon's integrated appointment system, checkout and payment terminal. Having these tools work together creates added value by saving time and money. Salla says she saves over €1,000 a year net compared to her previous systems. And this is not to mention how much time she saves. Her previous Sunday work is now history and time has been freed up to spend with her nearest and dearest. Salla also says that Book Salon is high-quality and professional from her clients' point of view. She adds that the service is really easy to use and clear for her co-workers as well. While no system will ever be perfect, Book Salon is committed to constant development of the software to save users time in the future. That's what we're committed to at Book Salon!




Our Guide is written for the entrepreneur who wants to grow their business, save money that is currently used on less cost-efficient systems, or learn more about Book Salon features and how to switch. You can also book a free, online demo.


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