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3 easy ways to increase sales

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Here at Book Salon, it’s our goal to help you and your business succeed. That’s why we have put together this article to help you improve your sales and get the most out of your customer relationships.


It’s true to say there is something a bit mystical about the “art of selling”. Thanks to a lot of high-profile movies and TV shows (Wolf of Wall Street and The Apprentice anyone?) the popular idea is that the ability to sell is something some lucky people are just born with or have at least put years of work into developing.

At Book Salon, we don’t think this is the case at all. 

For us, great selling is as simple as understanding who your customer is, what they genuinely need, and confidently explaining how you are the best one to help them.

Of course, some things are easier said than done! So here are our 3 tips to help you on your way to sales success.


      1) Forget about selling

OK, don’t entirely forget about the sale, but try and put it to the back of your mind. At least at the start of the conversation with your customer. Focus on listening to your customer and show them your expertise, how you can help them, and how you have helped similar people in the past.

Tip: Talk to the customer using their first name and try to remember little details about them to better tailor their customer experience. It is important that you remember what you last talked about in the case of a regular customer, as this will make the customer feel special.


2) Focus on the CUSTOMER'S need

Ask specific questions and be genuinely interested in the customer and their problem. Be sure to let the customer talk more at this point and don’t offer a solution too early or eagerly without understanding everything they need.

Tip: When you understand a customer's problem better, you can also better provide the right solution. For example, when a client says that their skin is really dry, you can ask more specific questions about their skincare routines, such as when it is particularly dry and why it might be happening.


    3) Offer a solution

Repeat the problem back to the customer to really show you have been listening. Then offer your solution and justify what you suggest if you feel it is necessary. Be sure to suggest follow-up actions without overselling. Try suggesting the next appointment or even booking a treatment.

Tip: Introduce your product or solution based on what the customer has said. Explain how and when the product will be used. For example, “I am now putting on a mask that’s great for dry skin. It will be good for you especially in the wintertime because you have some surface dryness. It would be good if you used this once a week after exfoliating. By the way, we also have this same mask on sale.“ Teach the customer about the products that you are using during the service or care. If you wish, you can write down the products you recommend to the customer.


You can mark down the products used on, and recommended to the customer in the Book Salon system, as well as other comments regarding their visit. This will prepare you for their future visits and help you build a stronger client relationship with them in the long run. With Book Salon, product sales and inventory management are seamless within the same system.

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